Property Services sit at the very heart of the business. They’re the team responsible for providing the great working environment that our employees enjoy every day – making sure all EDF Energy sites are functioning as they should be and employees have a healthy and inspiring work environment. 

From light bulbs to community break out areas, they work with each area of the business to determine what’s achievable within brand guidelines, and crucially, what works best to meet the needs of their internal customers. 

Property Services is split into two areas – Estates and Facilities Services.

Property services details


The Estates team focuses both on the contractual side of our operations – things like lease negotiations, delivering property contracts and the legal and regulatory aspects of keeping our buildings maintained, as well as our construction and refurbishment projects.  The team make sure that the work of our partner organisations meets the brief in terms of complying with health and safety requirements, relevant procedures and legal regulations and delivering to agreed quality criteria, timeframe and budget.

Facilities services

This team look after our vast portfolio of properties, with Facilities Assurance teams who assure the work of our outsourced providers meets the high standards of EDF Energy and that the day to day maintenance of facilities is appropriate. Customer facing, they work closely with the internal customer to understand business needs, before communicating those needs to all the different providers as necessary.  This team also provide specialist Fleet management and building security services.  


Property Services is an important area of the business when it comes to maintaining our reputation as a responsible and sustainable business. Every revamp, refit, upgrade or improvement we make to our properties has to meet the highest standards, and ideally, leave the community in a better shape than before.  An example of this is the restoration of a Grade 1 listed building at Cannington Court in Somerset. By working with a variety of specialist partners to turn a crumbling relic into a world class modern technological learning facility, we’re giving both EDF Energy employees and the wider community something they can take advantage of. Add that to our contact centres and offices around the UK, and you can expect a wide range of challenges within Property Services at EDF Energy.


Joining EDF Energy in any role, you’ll take part in a corporate induction training course ‘EDF Energy and Me’ – a two day session designed to really immerse new employees in the company’s vision and values, our history and the way we do things. 

A new member of the Property Services team, you’ll experience life across the full spectrum of EDF Energy properties and locations. You’ll soon get an understanding of our portfolio through on the job learning tailored to your role.  


The Property Services team supports the whole business – looking after our offices, other properties and land, up and down the country. Joining them, your role may incorporate travel to our various locations.