Saving energy can save you money and reduce your carbon emissions too

There are all kinds of ways to make your home more energy efficient. Some are really simple, will cost you nothing and can make a difference immediately. Others might have an initial cost but can save you money in the long run. Then there are other measures that although more expensive, can change the way you use energy for good.

You're in the right place to find a range of ideas that will improve your home's energy efficiency. From simple tips like not leaving appliances on standby, to advice on choosing more energy-efficient appliances and guidance on how to get free home insulation.

Energy-saving tips and tricks

These handy household ideas will save you energy and money. So now you can make your home cosier and your wallet happier at the same time.

Energy-saving appliances

Find out how to improve the efficiency of your appliances or, if you're ready to replace them, discover which brands give the most energy-efficient performance.

Energy-efficient heating

Whether you're searching for new heaters or just looking for ways to make your heating system more efficient, we've got all the advice you'll need to keep your home toasty while also saving money.

Energy-efficient lighting

If you want to learn how to make smarter lighting choices and even understand the current EU rulings on light bulbs, we can help with some energy-efficient enlightenment.


EPC ratings and how to improve them

An Energy Performance Certificate tells potential buyers how much your home will cost to heat and light. Learn how to improve your home's rating with our A to G of EPCs.

ECO insulation grants

It's no good having energy-efficient heating if your home is poorly insulated. Find out if you qualify for free home insulation here.

Feed-in Tariff

Generate electricity from a renewable or low-carbon source and you could get money from your energy supplier. If you're already registered for a Feed-in Tariff with us you can submit a meter reading.