Nuclear lifetime management

EDF Energy's lifetime strategy is to seek life extensions for all its nuclear stations, where it is safe and commercially viable. Our life extension programme approach ensures that safety always remains at the forefront through significant additional investment to secure long term safety margins. 

Graphite core

At the heart of our advanced gas-cooled reactors (AGR) is the graphite core which acts as a moderator, reducing the speed of neutrons and allowing a nuclear reaction to be sustained.



Each of our AGR power stations has a number of boilers which transfer the heat from the reactor core to water, producing the steam required to drive the turbines and produce electricity.


We regularly monitor the condition of the reactors through specific graphite inspections, or during station statutory outages.


Nuclear safety is at the heart of our operation and is our number one priority. Nuclear power stations are highly regulated in all security and safety matters.


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Engineer looking through a restricted porthole viewing pane

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