Sizewell C has the potential to provide the UK with the reliable low carbon electricity that it needs for decades to come. As a near replica of the power station EDF Energy and CGN are building at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, there is a unique opportunity to build it at a significantly lower cost. This project also has the potential to make a lasting difference in Suffolk and the East of England.

Key areas include:


For more information about the proposals for Sizewell C, please visit the project website.


The construction of Sizewell C would be one of the largest projects in the UK and will require a highly skilled and competent construction workforce.

With a build programme of approximately ten years and 25,000 employment opportunities on site alone, Sizewell C would provide a valuable prospect for economic growth, sustained employment and enhanced skills provision both for the UK and the East of England.

The Sizewell C project would provide opportunities not only throughout its construction, but also into the operation of the station: 900 direct jobs during its 60 year operating life. Added to this, around 1,000 additional people would be employed during refuelling and maintenance outages (approximately every 18 months for each reactor) and extensive opportunities working in the supply chain supporting the project.

At Hinkley Point C:


job opportunities will be created during construction


people will be on site during peak construction


apprenticeships will be created


jobs will be created throughout its 60-year operation

Supply chain

It is estimated that £200million a year would go into the regional economy during construction of Sizewell C and £40million during operation, with a total of £4billion benefits over the lifetime of the project.

Nuclear new build brings significant benefits to the UK economy. At Hinkley Point C these include:

  • UK businesses have secured 64% of total construction spend, which is significantly higher than other technologies.
  • We have awarded South West contracts with a combined value of more than £1.3bn.
  • Businesses in the East of England are already benefiting from EDF Energy's new nuclear build projects. Ovivo in Essex have been awarded a £27m contract to provide the water filtration system for the station and are looking at proposals for Sizewell C.


We would expect a similar level of supply chain involvement for Sizewell C. Our partnership with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has seen over 1,300 East Anglian companies register their details on our online portal.

At Hinkley Point C:


of contracts have been awarded to South West businesses


local businesses are registered on the local supplier database


has already been spent with businesses in the South West


per annum into the regional economy during core construction 

Education and skills

In addition to numerous multi-million pound investments into infrastructure, local, regional and national businesses, individuals will be able to begin and develop their careers in construction, building their skills and knowledge to take advantage of projects of the future both in the UK and globally.

Along with our other nuclear new build projects, it is hoped that Sizewell C will be a catalyst for the development of a top-end engineering capability in high standard manufacturing, construction, engineering and project management. High end engineering techniques developed for Hinkley Point C would be further developed by Sizewell C, helping improve construction productivity and a wide range of future UK infrastructure projects across the UK.

At Hinkley Point C:


invested into the local area to improve education, training and skills provision


student interactions through the Inspire education programme


apprenticeships have been created on the project so far


people trained through the Construction Skills and Innovation Centre


Millions would be invested in new local infrastructure in Suffolk, including a road infrastructure improvements, new footpaths and cycleways and investments in the East Suffolk rail line. In addition, £2.5million has already been invested in a new 67-hectare habitat creation area.

Our information office in Leiston has been open since November 2012 and so far we have already formally consulted local communities and stakeholders for more than 22 weeks, carrying out two stages of structured public consultation. Over the last five years, we have communicated directly with 8,000 consultees and have had over 500 meetings, events and workshops.

In total we have had over 2,300 responses to both stages of consultation. In addition, we continue to have a close relationship with neighbours near the Sizewell C site, as well as ongoing liaison with key organisations such as government agencies, local councils, chambers of commerce and trade unions. There will be a third stage of formal public consultation on the proposals for Sizewell C and the feedback received to date has already resulted in changes to our plans. 

At Hinkley Point C:


community fund for projects surrounding Hinkley Point C


per annum into the regional economy during the 60-year operation of the power station


invested in improving local road infrastructure


invested in walking and cycling infrastructure in the local area

Project timeline

  1. Statement of community consultation

  2. Stage 1 consultation

  3. Updated statement of community consultation

  4. Stage 2 consultation

  5. Stage 2 formal feedback

  6. Stage 3 consultation (CURRENT STAGE)

  7. Application submission

  8. Decision

  9. Construction

  10. Operation

Contact us

You can contact the Sizewell C project team by any of the following methods:

Call us on FREEPHONE 0800 197 6102 (Open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Write to us at FREEPOST SZC CONSULTATION (no stamp or further address required).

Visit us at the Sizewell C Information Office, 48-50 High Street, Leiston IP16 4EW.

For media enquiries, email