A helping hand when you need it most

What's the Priority Services Register?

  • The Priority Services Register is free to join
  • It provides additional support for those in need
  • Priority Services offer much more than financial help

Register your interest below for Priority Services, including literature in accessible formats, our 'Safe at Home' password scheme, independent money advice and income maximisation.

If you're worried about bills or managing your money, need help with things like reading your meter or want to make sure you're not missing out on any extra income, we're here to lend a hand. Learn more about the PSR promise and view FAQs. 

Our Priority Services Tool can tell you how we can help and the services we have for you. 

Managing your money

We're working with Citizens Advice Plymouth to give our customers across the country independent advice to help them manage their money, including help prioritising all sorts of bills and supporting customers to identify all options for improving their situation.

Increasing your income

We want to make sure you’re getting everything you’re eligible for and that your income is maximised to its full potential. So to check there aren’t any state benefits or tax credits you’re missing out on we've teamed up with IncomeMax.

Cutting your energy usage

We have lots of quick and easy ways to save energy at home. They won’t cost you anything, and you could make some real savings on your bills, for example, have showers rather than baths – they can be cheaper and can help you save water too. 

Making sure you're on the right tariff for you

We have lots of different tariffs available and there might be a cheaper option for you. If you're not already paying by Direct Debit and you have a standard credit meter it could be a cheaper option for you because spreading your payments over the year can help you budget. 

Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free service for domestic customers requiring extra help. There are lots of benefits to joining the register, for example:

  • Alternative billing formats such as large print or braille - for those with visual impairments
  • Free gas safety check - ensuring your gas appliances are working safely
  • Password scheme - just tell us what password you'd like and we'll ensure anyone visiting  your property confirms it with you
  • Bill nominee schemes - arranging for communications to be sent to a friend or family member
  • Regular meter readings - if you or anyone else is unable to read your meter, we can do this for you to ensure you receive accurate bills

Find out more about our Priority Services Register in our Priority Services booklet. 

Staying safe

We need to know if you have essential medical equipment that relies on an uninterrupted power supply. We’ll ensure that, for customers on the Priority Services Register, the distribution network operator is also aware of your needs so they can support you in case of a power cut. Eligible customers will be entitled to a free gas safety check. There’s also lots of advice to stay safe online and keeping warm in the winter months

You may just need temporary help

If you feel you need any other help, just let us know and we’ll see how else we can support you. You may have had a recent change of circumstances such as recovering after time in hospital, recently bereaved, living with a child under five or you’re a young adult living alone for the first time.

Louise and Mum

Support independent living with peace of mind

We've been working with Howz to bring you a home monitoring system that helps connect families and carers. Once installed, the sensors will learn your routine and send this information to the Howz Service. Changes in behaviour will send an alert to the people you choose to share these with.