Identify your saving opportunities

It’s easy to start with energy savings. With our solutions, you can demonstrate to stakeholders where change should be made, or where it has been effective.

You can choose a solution that gives you an overview of all your sites without any site surveys.  Or you can choose a detailed solution that gives you live insights into individual energy assets.


Know your energy profile

Gain insight on your site or portfolio without having to complete an on-site survey. We can remotely analyse how your buildings are performing and pinpoint areas of inefficiency and potential energy savings. We’ll then send you a report with breakdown of your energy profile and recommendations on where you can save money and operate more sustainably.


Live energy monitoring

Monitor specific equipment so you’ll see exactly where and when electricity, gas and water are being used … and wasted. With a live energy dashboard, you’ll be able to segment different sites, floors, zones and even circuits, tracking detailed progress against your energy savings strategy in real-time.

The benefits

Power Report and Power Now can offer great benefits for your business.

Reason 1

Analysis by our experts

Get results sooner than traditional on site surveys. We'll give you insights across your site or portfolio so you can focus your efforts on specific areas. 

Reason 2

Ongoing review and support

Review your progress with our help. We'll suggest improvements and how more efficient behaviours or technology can be implemented.

Reason 3

A workable efficiency plan

We'll build a workable business plan for your business, including an energy savings plan for your site or portfolio.

How to get started

Three steps to a workable efficiency plan for your business:


We’ll start by looking at your current consumption patterns and equipment.


Using this data we’ll build your energy profile – what are your lighting patterns? What do you leave on 24/7? Where and when do you use most energy?


Use our energy efficiency plan to make improvements track your use against your energy strategy.

Get in touch

Discuss your efficiency potential with our experts.

What we do with your data: By completeing the form you understand that you are allowing EDF Energy to carry out analysis of your business’s energy account information including meter, location and site information.

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Need more details about our energy saving services?

1. What is Power Report?

1. What is Power Report?

Power Report is a remote analysis of the energy efficiency performance of your building or portfolio of buildings, giving you insight on where and how your business could save energy. Using sophisticated building analytics software, we can identify energy efficiency opportunities without having to step inside your building. This analysis will provide you with insight on your energy profile, energy saving recommendations and estimated savings.

2. What is Power Now?

2. What is Power Now?

Power Now is a live energy monitoring solution, which gives you visibility of your consumption at an asset level. This will bring your energy consumption to life through an online dashboard, helping you improve awareness of your energy consumption at a new level and allowing you to drive energy savings opportunity from behaviour change and energy conservation measures. The platform itemises energy consumption and spend, providing you with complete transparency on where and when energy is being used. 

3. How does it work?

3. How does it work?

Power Report is an analysis based on your energy consumption data, crossed with external data about the building such as weather or building type. This is non-intrusive with no sensors required or site visit, meaning there is little contribution required from you if you are on supply with us.

Power Now requires some hardware to be installed on site to monitor your consumption down to each asset or circuit that you need to monitor. The hardware takes continuous energy reading and transmits it to a cloud based platform where you can stream data in real time. You can access this online platform from various devices including computer, tablet or smartphone.

4. What are the benefits?

4. What are the benefits?

With Power Report you’ll get insights across your site or whole portfolio. Which means you can choose to focus your efforts on the sites where the business case is strongest – all without going beyond the meter. As the assessment is all done remotely you can see results sooner than with traditional site surveys.

With Power Now you can drill down to specific pieces of equipment and report to senior managers in real time. But this isn’t just a reporting tool. You’ll be able to review your progress with one of our energy experts every quarter.

Our experts will work with you to implement projects that best support your strategic energy objectives. 

5. What happens after potential energy savings have been identified?

5. What happens after potential energy savings have been identified?

When you are ready to act on all the recommendations or part of them, our experts will help you make it happen... An engineer will carry out an on-site audit to validate the equipment to be installed and define the scope of the project. We’ll manage the implementation for you so you can focus on your activities and reap the benefits of energy savings.