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EDF Energy Pulse Awards 2016
The finalists' journey

The following videos are a five-part series following 4 of our 2016 finalists. EDF Energy Pulse Awards promotes innovation and contributes to the developments of the future, our goal is to showcase and provide tangible support to start-ups that are helping to shape that future.

This year our startups have developed ideas from making your home work for you to inspiring the next science generation. Meet: Future Home, Detective Dot, Upside Energy and Viridian Consultants. 

Future Home

Making your home work for you

Detective Dot

Inspiring the Next Science Generation

Upside Energy

Turning the grid green


Driving innovation in nuclear

Electric Days Paris: The Future of Life

Electric Days is a 2 day event organised by EDF Group with the aim of bringing together the people who today are preparing for the energy of tomorrow. Discovering the latest innovations from EDF Group in smart homes, smart cities and low carbon generation.

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